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The Collaboration


For this collaboration with Wandervans, a company that rents out vans, I created both Instagram and blog content for them and provided images of national parks for them to use in their own marketing & blog posts in the future. The goal of this campaign was to promote Wandervans’ new location in Utah by sharing my van road trip itinerary and overall thoughts. 

I created a blog post outlining the trip as a whole, and then broke down each day/adventure on my Instagram feed while promoting the van in each post or reel. I created Instagram stories that broke the experience down day by day and explained my overall thoughts, which are saved as a highlight. Lastly, I created a very detailed SEO-optimized blog post outlining everything from how to book the trip, plan for it, and what to expect. By pairing these types of content together, we were able to reach followers on multiple platforms, rank in top spots on Google SERPs, and satisfy various needs. 

The photos and videos captured during this campaign were purchased by the company to be used in blog posts and for marketing purposes. 

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