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This Five Year Journal is a product that I created and sell myself, but the content to promote it is a perfect example of the type of content that I create for other types of product companies. My goal with any campaign for this journal is to encourage sales. 

For this journal, I’ve created reels, stories, blog posts, and email campaigns for promotion. Once or twice a week, I take a question out of the journal and ask it to my followers via stories in the morning. Sometimes I will do the same in reel or post form if I have a story or visuals to add or a sale that I want to promote (such as launch and Black Friday). I’ve also created blog posts for this journal, teaching the importance of mediation and journaling and even have a free 7 day email course called “7 Days to Daily Meditation and Journaling” that takes a 7 day excerpt out of the journal asking the reader a different question each day while sharing tips that get them to make meditating and journaling a daily habit (and buy the Five Year Journal of course). 

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