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Our Story

Hi there! I’m Megan, a full time traveler with my dog, Chi. Together, we make up Rootless Adventure Co. I’ve been a nomad for my entire adult life, and it’s taught me more about the world than anything else ever could. I’ve learned that life is a gift, time is never guaranteed, and we all deserve to be happy during our time on this earth.

My mission is to help you live a truly fulfilling life full of outdoor adventure in order to raise the collective vibration and leave the world a better place. I believe in learning and growing through experience and reflection. Through my stories and lessons, I help you expand your mindset and leave your comfort zone in order to learn from the different people, cultures, and landscapes around the world. Life truly is a gift and I believe that living it to the fullest while supporting one another will help us all live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

Our Mission

I want you to know that you are unique, you are strong, you are resilient, and you are fully capable of anything you put your mind to. You have the power to create the life of your dreams. You have the power to wake up in the morning and be excited to get out of bed every single day. You have the power to love yourself exactly the way that you are. We all deserve to live the life of our dreams. And we can if we put in the work.

Seljavallalaug - South Iceland

Rootless Adventure Company is you, my beautiful community:

A collection of doers who aren’t afraid to live their dream lives, no matter what it entails or where it takes them. It is a collection of those who may be afraid to take on the entire world but do it anyway. The freedom seekers, the adrenaline junkies, the dream chasers… YOU.

Rootless to me means not being afraid to live your purpose. Realizing you’re not tied down, or “rooted”, to anything that makes you unhappy. You can fearlessly and “rootless-ly” be anything you want to be, from anywhere you want to go.The Author

Personally, I want to experience the highest summit on earth, the deepest depth of the ocean, and capture every adventure in between. I want to show people how my solo travel experiences while living on the road helped me find my purpose and gain the courage to live my dream life. To not only dream big but take big action.

Some topics we discuss here are: outdoor adventure travel guides, domestic & international solo travel tips, digital nomad tips, and everything you need to know about personal growth, self-empowerment, and creating a life you love. We’re here to teach you how to live your best adventure life!

To show you that the life you dream of is so accessible, I have a map on my homepage showing you all the best free places I sleep and small businesses I work from while on the road.

I hope you follow along our journey, gain inspiration from it, and use that to live your own best adventure life!

Meg & Chi

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