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me and chi camping in breckenridge


Hey there, I’m Megan! I am a full time solo world traveler, blogger, and outdoor adventurer on a mission to help others break out of their comfort zones and live a truly fulfilling life.

After leaving my small hometown in Missouri at age 18 for the first time, I rescued my dog Chi and set off to figure out what I wanted out of life. I tried out every different type of job and lifestyle under the sun in my twenties. I moved from the city to the mountains, backpacked Europe by myself, and even moved into my Jeep Wrangler at one point to travel around the US and Canada for a year. 

No matter what, I’ve always lived life on my own terms in a way that makes me excited to be alive every single day. If there’s anything I’ve learned from my conversations and experiences around the world, it’s that life truly is a gift, we will never have these moments again, and we all deserve to live the life of our dreams. 

I hope my stories inspire you to dream big, believe in yourself, step out of your comfort zone, and build a life you truly love. 

I'm Passionate



1. The energy you put out into the world is the energy you receive right back.

2. We are capable of so much more than we know.

3. You are the author of your own life, it can be whatever you want it to be.

looking out onto big bear lake in california from castle rock summit

Dream. Explore. Discover.


Meditate daily. Feel fully. Love deeply. Dream big. Explore everywhere. Enjoy the small moments. Be kind. Chase your dreams. Live with no regrets.

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