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Rootless In A Nutshell

Hi! We’re Megan & Chi (pronounced like shy). I rescued Chi when she was a puppy and I was a kid. We’ve lived in many  places over the years, but our love for nature, adventure, and each other has never changed. Together we travel the world full time in order to live a truly fulfilling life, and teach you how to do the same!

Rootless Adventure Company is you and I: a collection of doers and freedom seekers who aren’t afraid to just go for it. Those who dream big, take action, and are more afraid of regretting things they didn’t do than the things they did. I hope you learn something here and enjoy the ride!

mid layers for day hiking in the fall

Best Campsites, Adventures, and Local Businesses Around The World

Use the map above to find the best free campsites, things to do, and small businesses to support while traveling!

Please be sure to support these lovely businesses by making a purchase when you visit. Follow leave no trace principles at every campsite you stay at so everyone can continue to enjoy the outdoors. Xoxo!

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